Cute Crocheted Wild Animals Review

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I’m back this week with another amigurumi pattern book review. This week I checked out Cute Crocheted Wild Animals by Emma Varnam. I’m going to share my review with you so you know what it’s all about, give you an idea of what you can find in the book so ultimately, you can decide if you think it’s going to be the book for you.

Thank you to our friends at GMC Books for providing this book to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Cute Crocheted Wild Animals contains the patterns for several different animals, each with a male and female version and they each have their own outfit and accessories. The accessories and clothing can be used interchangeably between the dolls. The animal patterns included in book are:

  • Peggy & Jeff (Zebras)
  • Molly & Billy (Monkeys)
  • Maisie & Sidney (Pandas)
  • Ada & Roger (Lions)
  • Barbara & Cyril (Elephants)
photo of roger the lion from inside the Cute Crocheted Wild Animals Book being reviewed.

The toys in this book are adorable and I love that each toy is made in both a female and male version so you can get the most use out of this book no matter who you’re making for. The wardrobe section includes a series of different accessories like a hammock, beach ball, flowers, pillow, teddy bear and more. These additions help build the personalities given to each animal and provide additional toys for little ones to use to play with their new friends. The patterns are written in the UK terminology but you can find a conversion chart in the resource book located in the back of the book.

The resource section it thorough and coveres basic stitches, seaming, using a pom pom maker and more. It even covers blocking which was great. because even little amigurumi garments can benefit from a blocking. There was no gauge information included in the book that I could find. The only thing close to that I could find was a recommendation to use the same hook and yarn in both your toy and your garments for the toys. As someone that regularly designs clothes for toys, I agree, that is a great tip to include but gauge information would really ensure makers are successful. I know I personally have made a toy, put it down for a few days and then went to make clothes for it without checking my gauge and was furious with myself because the clothes didn’t fit. The given size for each doll is 12″ but again, without gauge information, don’t be surprised if your size varies from that.

Amigurumi monkey wearing clothes in an image from the book being reviewed.

The patterns themselves were clear and easy to follow. Experienced amigurumi crocheters shouldn’t have any issues crocheting the cuties found in Cute Crocheted Wild Animals. Overall, this book is chock full of adorable amirugumi patterns with the added fun of having a full wardrobe to provide additional fun for makers and children alike.

If you’re intersted in purchasing Cute Crocheted Wild Animals by Emma Varnam, you can find it HERE.

Two amigurumi pandas in a book, next to some furls crochet hooks

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