Carter the Carrot Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Carrot wearing wire rim glasses and a moustache made with this free crochet carrot pattern.
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In celebration of Best Friends Day tomorrow, I’ve teamed up with Osage County Crochet to bring you two free crochet patterns this week! While we were brainstorming ideas, we found out that tomorrow is Best Friends Day and wanted to do a best friends theme. After some deliberation, we wanted to make some amigurumi peas and carrots who were best friends. My contribution to this collaboration is Carter the Crochet Carrot.

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I have to confess something. As soon as we started talking about our peas and carrots idea, I knew I was going to be putting a moustache on Carter the Carrot. I will put a moustache on ANYTHING. My very first crochet design was a cactus with a moustache on it. I don’t know why, but I think moustaches are hilarious and awesome so I love to put them on stuff.

Amigurumi Carrot, Carter the Carrot with Inpirational Stitch Markers by The Loopy Lamb

Carter is a realitively quick and easy project that even beginners can do. You will need to know how to make a magic circle, single crochet, single crochet increase and decrease as well as how to single crochet in the back bump of your chain. (Need to learn how to crochet in the back bump of your chain? Check out this quick tutorial.)

When you’re done here, head on over to Osage County Crochet to check out her part of our collaboration: Beary the Pea.

You can find Osage County Crochet on social media here:

Carter the Crochet Carrot with Scissors and Crochet Hook

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Skill Level: Beginner

Get the inexpensive ad-free PDF copy of this pattern which includes step by step photos for making the glasses as well as the moustache template via Etsy or via Ravelry.


Abbreviations (U.S. Terminology):

  • CH = Chain

  • MC = Magic Circle

  • SC = Single Crochet

  • SCINC = Single Crochet Increase

  • SCDEC = Single Crochet Decrease

  • SL ST = Slip Stitch

  • FO = Finish Off


  • Not important as long as tension is maintained throughout the project and there are no large gaps between stitches – 10 stitches x 11 rows = 2″

Finished Size:

  • 7.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide (at its widest point).


  • This pattern is written in American standard terms

  • This project is worked in the round.  Do not join at the end of each round unless indicated otherwise.

carter the carrot with a Be You Stitch Marker

Carter the Crochet Carrot Pattern:


Row 1: Using orange, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Row 2:  (SCINC) x 6 (12)

Row 3: (SC, SCINC) x 6 (18)

Row 4: SC 1, SCINC, (SC2, SCINC) x 5, SC1 (24)

Row 5: (SC 3, SCINC) x 6 (30)

Row 6: SC around (30)

Row 7: SC2, SCINC, (SC4, SCINC)X 5, SC2 (36)

Rows 8 – 10: SC around (36)

Row 11: SCDEC, SC16, SCDEC, SC16 (34)

Row 12: SC around (34)

Row 13: SC 8, SCDEC, SC15, SCDEC, SC7 (32)

Row 14: SC around (32) – Insert eyes 6 stitches apart in Row 14.

Row 15: SC 3, SCDEC, SC 13, SCDEC SC 12 (30)

Row 16: SC around (30)

Row 17: SC 13, SCDEC, SC 13, SCDEC (28)

Row 18: SC around (28)

Row 19: SC 4, SCDEC, SC 12, SCDEC, SC 8 (26)

Row 20: SC around (26)

Row 21: SC 7, SCDEC, SC 7, SCDEC, SC8 (24)

Row 22: SC around (24)

Row 23: SCDEC, SC10, SCDEC, SC 10 (22)

Row 24: SC around (22)

Row 25: SC5, SCDEC, SC9, SCDEC, SC4 (20)

Row 26: SC around (20)

Row 27: SC 8, SCDEC, SC 6, SCDEC, SC 2 (18)

Row 28: SC around (18)

Row 29: SC 2, SCDEC, SC7, SCDEC, SC5 (16)

Row 30: SC around (16)

Row 31: SCDEC, SC 6, SCDEC, SC 6 (14)

Row 32: SC around (14)

Row 33: SC 3, SCDEC, SC 5, SCDEC, SC 2 (12)

Row 34: SC around (12)

Row 35: SC 3, SCDEC, SC 4, SCDEC, SC 1 (10)

Row 36: SC around (10)

Row 37: SCDEC, SC 2, SCDEC, SC 2, SCDEC (7)

Row 38: SC around (7)

Row 39: SC 4, SCDEC, SC 1 (6)

FO and weave in ends.

Amigurumi Carrot with Moustache and glasses


Row 1: Using green, make a MC and SC 6 into the MC. (6)

Row 2: (SCINC) x 6 (12)

Row 3: SC 1, *CH13, SC in the back bump of the 2nd CH from the hook.  Working down the CH, SC 11 in the back bump of each CH.  SC into the next stitch of Row 2.*  Repeat 11 more times. SL ST into the first SC of this round.  FO leaving a long tail to sew onto carrot body.  Sew onto top of crochet carrot head.

Crochet Carrot named Carter lined up next to tools used in this pattern


Using silver craft/jewelry wire, bend the wire at a 90 degree angle approximately an inch from the end of the wire.  Next to the bend, create a circle by wrapping the wire around a large pen/marker once – this creates the first “lens”.  Leave some wire straight to act as the bridge of the glasses.  Make sure that the bridge is long enough so that when you create the second lens, the eyes should be centered in each “lens”. (I find it’s helpful to measure the space between the two eyes to help me gauge how long the bridge should be.)  Wrap the wire around the marker again to create the second “lens”.  Create a 90 degree bend in the wire to create the second “arm” and cut off at an inch and a half.  Put them on the carrot, inserting the arms into the carrot, through the spaces between the stiches on the outside of the each eye. 

(Need more help? A step-by-step photo tutorial for making the glasses is available on the ad-free PDF available via Etsy or via Ravelry.)

Wire Glasses for Crochet Carrot Amigurumi Pattern


Cut a moustache out of black felt. Mine is approximately 1 3/8” long. The template that I used for my moustache is available in the PDF of the pattern which is available via Etsy or via Ravelry.

Apply some of the fabric glue to one side of the moustache and glue it to your crochet carrot just below the bottom of the glasses.


When you’re done here, don’t forget to head on over to Osage County Crochet to see her pattern for Carter’s best friend Beary Pea.


Feel free to sell the item created by this pattern but please provide pattern credit back to me when posting online, and please provide a link to my blog:  Please do not resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern in any printed or digital form, claiming this pattern as your own original design.  Please do not use my photos when selling your finished items.   

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Carter the Carrot Free Crochet Pattern by The Loopy Lamb

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  1. It’s lovely, thank you! I gave mine a bowtie instead of a moustache and have named him Albert – he’s great!


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