Bernat Blanket Breezy Yarn Review

Three balls of Bernat Blanket Breezy and Bernat Blanket Breezy Watercolor yarn
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During my last trip to Michaels, I got a bunch of new yarns and as always, I wanted to share my experience with these yarns with you. The new yarn I’m talking about this week is Bernat Blanket Breezy. This yarn was released around the time that the pandemic hit here in Canada and I am finally able to give it a try and see what it’s all about. I love Bernat Blanket yarn so I knew I was going to have to give this new yarn a try eventually.

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Before we get into the nitty gritty of the review, let’s go over the yarn label info so you can get an idea of what we’re talking about:

Bernat Blanket Breezy & Breezy Watercolour:

  • Current Number of Colourways Available: 2 Solid-colours in the Breezy and 8 variegated colourways in the Breezy Watercolour. The Yarnspirations website shows that the Blanket Breezy is a self-striping yarn and is available in 10 different colourways there. Check them out HERE.
  • Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
  • Weight: 4 (medium)
  • Ball Size: 250g
  • Yardage: 530 yd / 484 m
  • Suggested Hook Size: 5 mm (H)
  • Suggested Needle Size: 5mm (US 8)
  • Crochet Gauge: 12 sc x 13 rows= 4″
  • Knitting Gauge: 16 sts x 20 rows = 4″
Bernat Blanket Breezy yarn in blue

When I picked up my Bernat Blanket Breezy and Breezy Watercolour yarn, I was lucky enough to find it on sale for $5.99 Canadian ($11.99 regular price). Looking at the Michaels site today, it looks like this product is being cleared out, likely to make way for the new Bernat Blanket Breezy yarn found on the Yarnspirations site that has the product changing from solid or variegated coloured yarns to a self-striping cake. If there’s anything Bernat is known for, at least in my mind, it’s their self-striping yarn cakes.

This yarn is a boucle-style yarn and it’s really light weight. It doesn’t really feel like a medium weight yarn when you’re working it up. It feels smaller than that. Because of the boucle, you’re going to be getting almost zero stitch definition. I did a swatch in this yarn using single crochets, half double crochet and double crochets and didn’t love it. If anything, I’d probably make my entire fabric in single crochets, just to make it simple. I work with faux fur yarns a lot and I found locating the stitches in this yarn more difficult than with fur yarns. This is due to the face that the thick strand on the fur yarn is missing from this product and so you can’t rely on feeling your stitches like I do with fur yarn. If being able to see your stitches as you work is something that is a make or break it point for you, then this isn’t going to be worth the investment for you.

Ball of fuzzy grey yarn and a furls Crochet hook

Check out the video version of this Bernat Blanket Breezy yarn review:

Bernat Blanket Breezy Watercolor
Bernat Blanket Breezy Watercolor is a variegated yarn

The yarn is soft and has some pretty and enticing colours. I bought 3 balls in shades that would work well together but ultimately, I don’t know if I enjoy it enough to go back to it any time soon. I’d rather stick with my beloved normal Bernat Blanket or Bernat Blanket Stripes and enjoy making my project than to work with something I just didn’t love.

What do you think? Have you seen this yarn? Have you tried this yarn? What would you make with it? I’d love to hear from you and know what your thoughts are so leave me a comment in the comment section below.

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