Loops & Threads Flecks Yarn Review

Michaels Loops & Threads Flecks yarn in Seafoam and a crochet swatch.
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During my last trip to Michaels, I was fortunate enough to arrive just as they were putting out some of the new yarns for Fall 2020. I can’t resist a new yarn so I filled up my cart with lots of new yarny goodness. One of the yarns I picked up was Loops & Threads Flecks which actually launched in the spring of this year but I hadn’t really gotten a chacne to see it thanks to COVID-19 and being stuck at home. I figured I wouldn’t be the only one to have not had a chance to see it so I thought I’d share a review of the Loops & Threads Flecks yarn here for you.

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Before we get into the nitty gritty of the review, let’s go over the yarn label info so you can get an idea of what we’re talking about:

Loops & Threads Flecks Yarn:

  • Current Number of Colourways Available: 10

  • Fiber Content: 79% Acrylic, 21% Polyester

  • Weight: 4 (medium)

  • Ball Size: 300g

  • Yardage: 590 yd / 539 m

  • Suggested Hook Size: 5 mm (H)

  • Suggested Needle Size: 4.5mm (US 7)

  • Crochet Gauge: 4 sc x 4 rows= 4″

  • Knitting Gauge: 6 sts x 8 rows = 4″

Close up image of a ball of Flecks yarn from Loops & Threads

When I picked up my Loops & Threads Flecks yarn, I was lucky enough to find it on sale for $5.99 Canadian ($11.99 regular price). $5.99 for 590 yards of worsted weight yarn? Sign me up! So I grabbed two balls of the Seafoam thinking that I could definitely find something to make with that kind of yardage and headed home.

In the skein, the yarn is silky soft and has a subtle sheen. The flecks are pretty and in different pastel colours. They all remind me of Easter to be honest. But, they’re great baby blanket colours. As far as value goes, the yardage is great and when you can get it on sale, like I did, it’s a pretty decent deal.

I started on a swatch with my new Loops & Threads Flecks yarn, thinking that I may use it to make a baby blanket for a friend that is expecting. The first thing I noticed about working with the yarn is the strand construction. The strand is made up of very thin, threads, plied together. Have you ever used Caron X Pantone yarn? This strand is constructed just like Caron X Pantone. Because of that, it has a tendency to split as you are working with it. I was able to get past that and started trying a few different stitch patterns that I had in mind for my blanket.

Check out the video review of this Loops & Threads Flecks yarn:

Loops & Threads Flecks yarn and a crochet swatch
Loops & Threads Flecks yarn crochet swatch

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t find something I loved. The yellow flecks really took away from the stitch patterns and instead of working with the main colour of the yarn, it felt like it worked against it. After working with the yarn for a while, I started to notice how the colours for the flecks were apparently through the full strand and not just where the flecks where. I understand that they need to work the flecks in there somehow and having this strand of colour hidden in the plies is sometimes how it’s done, but in spots, the seaform green was overshadowed by the yellow. Now, this may not be something you’ll experience with all of this yarn but it was my experience with the ones I purchased. Every swatch looked more yellow than seafoam and in the end I decided to try a different yarn to make my baby blanket with.

The Loops & Threads Flecks yarn was silky soft and could have made a decently sized baby blanket or lapghan had I been able to get past the colour clashing and the flecks. The flecks in yarn seemed much heavier in the swatch than in the skein which is part of why I think I just couldn’t get into working with this yarn. The main teal colour is normally one of my faves but all that yellow just didn’t do anything for me.

So, for now, my Loops & Threads Flecks yarn has been relegated to sit in my stash until I can decide what to do with it or eventually donate/gift it to someone.

What do you think? Have you seen this yarn? Have you tried this yarn? What would you make with it? I’d love to hear from you and know what your thoughts are so leave me a comment in the comment section below.

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44 thoughts on “Loops & Threads Flecks Yarn Review”

  1. I haven’t tried it and not sure I would buy if if I saw it, but it would definitely have to be on sale. Perhaps a different stitch might work and be pretty. I’m thinking maybe a V-Stitch. It sure is a pretty yarn! ANd that skein is quite large!!

    • I’ll give the V-stitch a go. I think I may do a granny square or a fabric with just single crochet stitches to highlight the flecks rather than working against them to see what I can come up with.

  2. Im curious if the yellow fleck would spread out if you do a larger swatch? Being a small swatch maybe it kinda gathers. I too bought this yarn in the peach colour to make a baby blanket. Havent started yet.

    • The swatch in the picture is one of many I did and I did a couple that were about 8″ x 8″ and it still looked yellow to me. maybe as a full project it would be less noticeable but I just haven’t found a stitch to committ to making a full project with this yarn. But I am going to try a few more things before I completely give up on it. I hope you have better luck with the peach colourway 🙂

  3. I love it! I bought two and need more for my project and am unable to find it. Let me know if you’ve given up on it and want to sell it!

    • Hi Cathleen,

      I’d rather help a fellow crafter out than try to make something work I’m not loving. If you’re still needing the yarn, let me know and we can make arrangements 🙂

    • I just bought one skien at Michael’s (they have plenty of the Flecks – also on line) in aqua to make a baby blanket. I was so excited when I saw this yarn – it’s really unique. I used the “Blanket Stitch” and really like the way it is turning out. Unfortunately 590 yards is not going to due, so I need to travel over 20 miles to purchase more.

  4. oh that would be wonderful!!!! I’ve been scouring everywhere to find it. Does my email become available to you on these comments? If not feel free to pm me through Facebook! You are an angel 🙂

  5. I really like this yarn. It’s lovely and soft and the flecks are more balanced in a larger piece. I’ve made one baby blanket in the soft green and have started another in lavender, but the pattern takes more than the 300 g ball I have. Unfortunately I’ve found that this yarn has been discontinued. If anyone has a spare ball of this colour, I’d be interested in buying it.

    Actually I’ve found a lot of the Loops and Threads yarn is only available for a very short period of time. Disappointing.

    • I’ve found the same thing with many of the new loops and threads yarns as well. I really like their impeccable yarn and I’m glad that they keep that one around. Hopefully you’re able to find some of the lavender yarn to finish your blanket. If I hear of/see any, I’ll let you know 🙂

      • I actually really like this yarn, I am using the blue and cream for a mosaic crochet project and it’s turning out amazing! It is still available at Michael’s in most colours (I’m in Alberta Canada), in fact I just bought some more two days ago.

  6. I too grabbed it on sale about a year ago from Michaels. I made a blue baby blanket with a simple hhdc and a plain colored rib stitched border. I thought it came out nicely. I still have two in berry pink. I’m thinking of making a girls sweater or ponch with it. 🙂

  7. Bought it and wanted to knit a sleeveless top for fall/spring and within two inches of knitting I found five knots in the yarn. I was stupid enough to keep knitting and one of the knots came loose, leaving a gaping hole. Never trust a knot! I will never buy this yarn again.

    • I bought 3 balls of the flecks yarn at Michaels in Ontario for 7.99 a ball plus tax and I might have used 50 -60 yards so far and I have already had to cut it 3 times as there are knots and frayed areas in it. I am so disappointed as it is very pretty and so soft. I won’t be buying it again and I certainly won’t recommend it.

  8. I’m thinking of a baby Afghan using granny spike. Anyone tried that stitch yet with this yarn? I have three balls of the Light Grey, colour #12 which has light yellow and a purplish blue flecks.

    • I plan to make a baby blanket for a nursery with grey and pastel yellow decor and when I saw the Loops & Threads Flecks in light grey with yellow and purple yesterday, I was so happy! Since I hadn’t decided on a pattern yet I didn’t buy it yet…plus i wanted to see if I could find an image with something already made up but haven’t been able to find one. I’m hoping Ashley, based on your comment about the yellow being too prominent, that it’ll show up nicely for this baby’s rooom.

      So Pam (3/12/21 post), or anyone who has made something from this yarn, I’d love to see it!

      Thank you for your review Ashley!

    • I love this yarn! I made a baby blanket with the grey one that has purple and light yellow flecks and it looks so good! I didn’t have any issues with splitting or knots. I wish I could post a picture!

    • I’d personally try something simple to see how you like it before committing to a stitch. If it was me, I’d start with thicket stitch, lemon peel, moss stitch, or corner to corner. Thicket stitch is my go-to stitch for baby blankets where I’m not sure what stitch to do. If you need help, there are tutorials for the thicket, lemmon peel and corner to corner here on my blog. I hope this helps

      • Thanks after many starts with both knit and crochet patterns I settled on C2C. It looks nice and the flecks of colour show well.

  9. I bought some yesterday. Started a baby sweater with the coral fleck. A bit too busy for the pattern I used. Debating starting over with a simple pattern. Taking the second skein back. I had to cut away knots and areas where the yarn frayed. Yarn splits making it difficult to Use a pattern stitch. Will not buy again!

  10. I just started working with the yellow fleck, and I am thinking I want to do something with texture so that the blanket does not look so flat. Normally I do a thicket stitch and do stripes . . . but since I am just working with the yellow fleck I feel like it needs something more.

  11. I have made 3 childrens hats with this yarn in pink,lavender and blue and love it. I’m currently using the grey to make another. I have only come across one knot. These skeins look big enough to make 2 hats from each.

    • With the pink Fleck I knitted a hooded sweater in stockinette stitch
      for a one year old baby which had a sown in neckline zipper up the back, and it was beautiful!The yellow fleck did pop out from the rest, but it looked good with the pink, and I used a yellow 20” zipper that I from a stash of old sewing notions from my mother’s. I have about half the skein left, and I’ m going to knit a pair of baby pants to match.

  12. I just found this yarn in a clearance bin while I was standing in line to checkout at Michaels. There was 1 skein with a label and after digging to the bottom I found 3 more without. They were $2.00 each, and since I was next in line I didn’t have time to think about it. So here I am researching it afterwards LOL.

  13. This yarn IS lovely, but it is NOT machine washable or dryable — how could it possibly be useful for baby garments or afghans? Babies spit up on or chew on everything. I really can’t see a new mother hand washing and flat drying something made of this. What happens if it is accidentally machine washed and dried? Any ideas for older children or adults who like to hand launder stuff? Thank you.

    • I have seen this yarn used a lot for different garments, blankets and bags but I agree, new mom’s aren’t going to take the time to handwash anything made from this and even if they intend to, they may forget bc of how sleep-deprived they are.

      • Hi, me again: made a 6-1/2” by 6-1/2” swatch of Flecks, single crochet, size G hook. Machine washed, cold water, regular cycle; and tumble dried, medium heat. The swatch shrank 1/8” in each direction, about what one would expect; no fading; no other issues. So I think it would be okay for baby blankets and garments after all. Mea culpa!


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